Maker: Berit Piepgras (RUAS)

Berit joined the Participatory City Making project as a researcher in May 2017 and will be working on the development of the various participatory tools together with Emma and Jotte. She is working on the several locations of the tools and at the RUAS.

Berit is holding a Master of Architecture from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in Copenhagen. After working a few years in the multidisciplinary design office Ontwerpwerk, she founded her own architecture office. As an architect, Berit conducts research on spatial and urban challenges and has specialised in the interaction between behaviour and space.

In her practice as an architect, Berit is looking for ways to facilitate spatial developments, preferably in interdisciplinary teams. While working on self initiated and commissioned projects, she conducts contextual research and develops methods for participative planning processes.

Recently, Berit has been working on participatory and/or interdisciplinary Research by Design projects concerning urban development, such as “Healthy Living LAB Utrecht“, “Agenda Ruimte voor de Stad Den Haag“, “Clean Air Cities“, “Vacant property and Urban Farming“ en “Shrinking cities in Europe“.

Together with Milena Ivkovic and Robin van Emden she founded the collective Hybrid Space, a studio for research and advice on the interaction between digital, spatial and social matters. Between 2011 and 2015 she was co-initiator and curator of Platform57, a platform for spatial art.

Furthermore, Berit is a guest teacher at the Architecture department of TU Delft (Heritage & Architecture and Urbanism). Together with Pauline van den Broeke and Nancy Arkema, Berit is running the collective De Ontwerptafel, a research office for participatory developed spatial strategies.

The project is currently being finalised and the making phase of this project has ended.
For questions concerning the project, please contact Dr. Ingrid Mulder.