Participatory City Making LAB during Border Sessions: City Tool Depot


We are looking back on an inspiring day filled with insightful workshops and good discussions. Below you will find the tools of the LAB as well as impressions of the exhibition, the workshops, and the discussions. download the pdf here: PCM LAB at Border Sessions 2018 LR The Participatory City Making team hosted the day and

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Stadsmakerskist / Pleincraft


Graduate student Jonas Vos from the bachelor Industrial Design of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. joined the PCM team to elaborate on the concept of the Stadmakerskist. His interest was in playful and hackable environments. In the first stage of his graduation project, he developed Pleincraft as a result of a co-design process with local

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Tool2 is a web-based city making tool helping initiatives to talk to the “right“ civil servant, the challenge of many innovative city-making groups. By adding information you have about your city-making idea (place, topic, idea/word, or a person at the municipality, you talked to), the tool will return to you instantly with suggestions on suited

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Transparency Tool


By the PCM team The Transparency Tool is a smart matchmaking tool-set that consists of connected, wearable devices that can be used for networking events. The tool intends to enhance transparency and efficiency in networking situations and to serve as a conversation starter. It diminishes barriers between social silos. During a city making event, each

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By Paula Steenstra When to play the game? The object of the game is to create a space for the players (as participants in an initiative) to discuss their expectations, experiences and desires about their own and other one’s skills, positions and resources in the group. Use this game when: The participants in the group

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