Stadsmakerskist – Prototype


The City Makers’ Kit - the prototype as a scale model of a possible future Stadsmakerskist is a set of physical modular blocks to make things in the public space. Delivered to you by the municipality on request, sponsored by rest material of businesses. The prototype of the Stadsmakerskist (city makers’ kit) is comparable to

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The Webber – Prototype


The webber - the prototype as a mental map and discussion aid The Webber displays a projects integrality and impact on different aspects on each beam. For the designers of the prototype “The Webber“, prototyping proved valuable for discussions on a strategic level. The complexity of the subject matter was being unraveled by making some

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Mayor if you Dare – Prototype


Mayor if you Dare, The Freedom Box - the prototype as a first draft (of an activity kit or game) "Mayor if you Dare" to unbox and identify freedom of action for city makers. For better guided participation between civil servants (the municipality) and citizens' initiatives. The slogans of this tool/prototype are: “Unbox the freedom“,

Mayor if you Dare – Prototype 2018-05-16T14:44:46+00:00