Mayor if you Dare – Prototype

Mayor if you Dare, The Freedom Box – the prototype as a first draft (of an activity kit or game)

“Mayor if you Dare” to unbox and identify freedom of action for city makers. For better guided participation between civil servants (the municipality) and citizens’ initiatives.

The slogans of this tool/prototype are: “Unbox the freedom“, “Take the freedom if you dare“

This prototype is the first sketch of a city makers activity kit and consists of a (scale model) box with various content, such as for example vouchers, activity cards and money. Below the content of this first sketch is listed. The “rules“ of this box are helping the initiatives and municipality in taking their responsibilities and working on the initiatives’ goals together. This is part of the box and exemplified by following rules:

“You have freedom, but also responsibilities.
You get a dedicated civil servant from the municipality connected to your initiative.
The elected citizens are sponsors.
The objective of the „game“ is to get rid of all cards.“

The activity kit is adjusting while learning. This feedback function is to be further explored.