Design for Transitions Track at DRS 2018

This editorial was published for the Design Research Society 2018 conference (DRS2018) at the University of Limerick and was written by Joanna Boehnert, Dan Lockton and Ingrid Mulder. The conference took place from the 25th until the 28th of June. Joanna, Dan and Ingrid shaped the track ‘Designing for Transitions’ and were the session chairs during the conference. “The Designing for Transitions track at DRS2018 encompasses emerging approaches to design research at the intersection of sustainable design and sociotechnical systems theory.” The main goal of the track was to connect researchers and designers working on the topic of transition design. The full editorial article can be found here or download the full track pdf here: DRS 2018 Track 9.

Boehnert, J., Lockton, D. & Mulder, I. (2018). Editorial: Designing for transitions. Proceedings of DRS 2018, Catalyst, June 25-28, 2018, Limerick, Ireland, Volume 3, section 9, pp. 892-895. DOI: 10.21606/dma.2018.008