Postdoc: Jotte de Koning (TUD)

Jotte de Koning is a PostDoc Researcher at Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Design. She joined Participatory City Making project right at the start in October 2016. You can find her working both at the University in Delft as well as at DRIFT in Rotterdam.

Jotte is an Industrial Design Engineer by education and she obtained a PhD in Design for Sustainability at the Delft University of Technology. During the four years of her doctoral research, she focused on co-creation between citizens and food initiatives in urban Vietnam. Together with local partners in Vietnam she developed and applied co-creation methods to contribute to a more sustainable consumption pattern in Vietnam and other emerging economies. The relevance and potential of collaborative and creative processes for urban sustainability transitions is also currently a central theme in her research activities.

In the project she focuses on co-creation processes between the bottom-up initiatives and other actors in the transition process. She explores how methods from the field of Participatory Design and approaches of Design thinking are relevant for these stakeholders in urban sustainability transitions.